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I'm Leatherface..aka...Mark...demonking513

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Diesel Mechanic

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Collecting horror movie figures and working on my horror movie website

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    hellboy 69

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    Thanks muchly for changing the hometown on MySpace ~ and great to hear you guys are settling in ok. My short films should be screening at HorrorHound (the organizers offered after the Indianapolis screening was cancelled) so i should be there in spirit, but alas finds won't stretch to me flying over there this time around. Look forward to meeting you sometime at another event! And say hi to Doug for me, heh ;-) All the beAst, F
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    hellboy 69

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    Hey Mark, great to hear from you - hope the move went well. Yup, i'm still working on the book, just finished another screenplay and am looking at a couple more projects too - all horror, all of the time! Wow, i just checked the page you so kindly put together over at MySpace, lots of blood just the way i like it :-) Could you change the hometown to London (not Staffordshire) or i won't hear the last of it from my buddies here in the south ha ha. Thanks again for taking the time to put that together man, i really appreciate it. All the best to you & yours.
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    Reply from demonking513:

    Great to hear from you again my friend! The move did go well and we are loving our new(but used)home. Thank you for the compliments about your page,it was my pleasure to make that for you. I changed the hometown for you and if there is anything else you want me to add or change than please let me know. My wife and I are going to the HorrorHound weekend in Pittsburgh,PA next month in order to see Doug Bradley,will you be able to make it? We would love to be able to finally meet you in person.